Original Size - 28 x 36

Acrylic on Canvas



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Cards -

5 x 7 with envelope


Prints -

6 x 8 with 8 x 10 Double Mat

8 x 12 with 12 x 16 Double Mat

11 x 14 with 16 x 20 Double Mat


Giclee: 18 x 22 and 28 x 38


Mouse Pad



Description: While Pele's (fire goddess of Hawaii's volcanoes) destruction is obvious, as she takes away the beauty that we have come to love. I feel its' good to remember that creation is as much a part of the lava flow as well. It is these flows that created the beauty that we so hate to see her take away. This painting is an attempt to show her creation of beauty that she does as well.