"Kupono", hand painted by Patricia Leo, is now on display at Island Natural Market in Pahoa, Hawaii








Meet "Kupono"

“Kupono” is one of 40 Honus that are in many locations all over the Big Island.  Kupono

was part of an island wide fundraiser that involves many sponsors, many honus and

many artists. This Honu, “Kupono” is being sponsored by Island Natural Market and was

hand painted by Patricia Leo.


Each Honu has a different theme chosen by the sponsor and artist.  Kupono’s theme is: “To emphasize the importance of quality locally grown foods, organic farms and to raise the awareness of the need to keep GMOs (genetically modified organisms) out of our food supply”.  Kupono is dedicated to the our Aina.


On September 21, 2008, after months of public viewing, the Honus have been auction off and Island Natural Markets is Kuponos proud owner. The event took place at the Parker Ranch Center in Waimea. Monies raised will go to the charity or group that the each sponsor and artist have chosen. 

    Hawaii Organic Farmer's Association apprentice program is the recipient of the money raised from Kupono’s auction.  The program is dedicated

to educating young farmers in organic growing techniques,  with an emphasis on NO GMO’s.